Wednesday 7th August

12 - 3pm 

Social Impact Exhibition - Open Space

Aspargove founder Philippa Holmes curates this exhibition, to explore into Social Innovation, Impact and Change. It is a space to think about how we approach and show up to this work and ask ourselves if we are approaching impact in ways that empower ourselves and the communities and the world around us. The exhibition will provide insights and examples of what happens when we get Social Impact right and the devastation of when we don't. 

It features various projects, articles, examples and impact thinkers from around the world. 

Join us to explore, ruminate, be inspired and challenged.

3 - 4pm

Exhibition Roundtable

Join the Summit cohosts for a roundtable conversation to unpack the exhibition and what resonated, what felt challenging, what inspired you and more. It is a space to kōrero about insights, mindset shifts and the responsibility we have in how we approach social impact in the world.

6 - 9pm

"An Evening with Impact" Social Impact Screening Evening

Join us for a movie night with a twist, an evening to watch some fantastic and inspiring social impact, innovation and change talks and examples from NZ and around the world. The evening will help us explore the diversity in social impact needs, aspiration and approaches. The evening will be three screenings session each followed by conversations.


Thursday 8th August

9 - 10am

Impact 101 and introducing the Impact Toolbox

A session led by Aspargove and GO, which will delve into what is Social Impact. We will explore a variety of approaches and practises that you need for impact. Come along to deepen into what social impact is and navigate the tools and resources to build a toolbox as you go.

10am - Noon

Ideas for Impact Session

Have an idea of how to make an impact in the world but not sure exactly how to go about it? Maybe you already have a project but need a sounding board. Are you trying to figure out if you should be a non-profit, social enterprise or something else?

Sometimes all you need is a space to talk with someone about your idea and figure the next step through. This session is an open space to do just that, with Aspargove, Rākau Tautoko and GO providing their expertise and experience.

12 - 1.30pm

Kai and Connection

A long lunch break to create space for kai and connection. If Networking and connecting is your thing, this is the time to get to know the people and projects in the room with you.

1.30 - 5pm

Impact Pitchathon

​Want to pitch a social impact idea you have or a project you are currently working on? The winning pitch will receive $1000 of impact funding and an impact design session with Aspargove and GO.

Maybe the pitch prize will help jump-start the idea, or perhaps it will fund the whole project.

In this session, we will provide tools and support to help you develop your idea, give feedback and then it all ends with the Pitchathon!

6 - 9pm

Gaming + Impact

An evening to delve into all things gaming and look at it through the lens of community development and social impact. 

The Gaming + Impact discussion will explore our comfort zones, our knowledge and help provide some insights for parents, gamers and those in decision making roles around gaming in the community.


Friday 9th August

9 - 10am

Opening kōrero

Philippa Holmes from Aspargove will welcome us into the day and open up space for us all to get to know who is in the room and ground into an upcoming day of impact together. 

10 - 11am

Regenerative Practise from Self to System

Steve Henry, a lecturer on the Bachelor of Leadership from Change Programme at Otago Polytechnic will lead this session to explore the three lines of work and what does it look like to be a Regenerative Practitioner and why does it matter when doing the work of social impact and change. 

11 - 12pm

Panel: The role of wellbeing and self in social impact

The work of Social Impact is important, what is also essential and often overlooked are the actual people engaged in and leading the impact. This panel discussion will explore the role of wellbeing and self in social impact; we have a wonderful panel joining us to host the conversation and look forward to questions and insights from all those in attendance.

12 - 1.30pm

Kai and Connection

A long lunch break to create space for kai and connection. If Networking and connecting is your thing, this is the time to get to know the people and projects in the room with you.

1.30 - 2.30pm

Breakout Sessions

Four breakout sessions will explore different impact projects and work; each session will be 25 mins so pick two to attend. 

2.30 - 4.30

The diversity of Impact Showcase

This impact showcase brings a diverse group of speakers to talk about what they are doing in the world. 

What better way to explore the diversity of impact.

4.30 - 5 pm

Closing kōrero


Saturday 10th August

​​9 - 9.30am

Opening kōrero

Prerna Chaudhary and Rosita Fa’avesi from Flipping East will be guiding us through the day starting with the opening kōrero. Prerna and Rosita have been instrumental in the growth of Flipping East - a local movement for impactful change and the creation of the Tāmaki Youth Council. 

9.30 - 10.30am


A collection of seven different initiatives to choose from, that showcases social impact in action alongside and for our young people.

These seven initiatives will focus on;

  • Involving young people in leading change,

  • A focus on system-level change,

  • How digital media can empower young people,

  • Young women stepping into leadership,

  • The development of a peer support programme,

  • Youth Spiritual Empowerment,

  • Community-Led action growing youth wellbeing.

10.30 - 11.30am

Index Launch and Test

Flipping East and The Tāmaki Youth Wellbeing Collective have been working collaboratively on developing a Youth Wellbeing Index. The index will enable individuals, youth groups, organisations and communities to gauge how well they are creating youth wellbeing and what areas they could further grow. As active participants on the day, we will experience a live test of the first prototype for this index in the launch!

11.30 - 1pm

Kai and Connection

Come and enjoy a free BBQ, provided by Aspargove on the day for everyone and join in the games that will be run by Flipping East.

1 - 1.30pm

Panel Discussion & Moving Forward

Following the Youth Wellbeing Index launch and test, experts from within our collective and beyond will be chatting about what it takes to create an index like this, how to analyse the data, and what to do with the results. This quickfire panel will be casual and punchy at the same time.

1.30 - 4pm

Real Project Working

Keen to put all these new skills you’ve heard about through out the morning to test? Here’s your chance! Come and join in on four x real life Tāmaki projects that are focused on youth wellbeing and growth;

  • Tāmaki herehere ngā waka - combining placemaking with our community whakapapa.

  • Index Results Projects - grabbing the results from our live test and running with them!

  • Mural in Panmure - Join our renowned artist Gary Silipa in creating a local Panmure art piece!

  • Riverside Rangatahi - Go on a tiki tour to visit a local community centre that’s striving for youth empowerment and inspiration.

4 - 4.30pm

Closing kōrero

Coming back together again, Rosita and Prerna from Flipping East will lead us through a journey of all the learning and experiences through out the day. 


Kai & party

DJ Utol will be spinning some tunes and we’ll have free kai for all! This event will be smokefree, alcohol and drug free to keep it safe for us all.


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