• Philippa Holmes

1 Day Out - We are ready to go!

I write this blog currently at the Summit venue... it's still a long night ahead but we are excited to see everyone tomorrow and in the coming days.

If I have one hope in the coming days it's that we all remain in the space of learning, curiosity, growth and connection. Some parts of the Summit you will find yourself nodding to the yes and feeling like it's a 'preaching to the choir' vibe, other parts you may have to work through some discomfort and something new....but, please trust us with holding space and if you need to have space or seek deeper conversation please come to us. This is what the Summit is all about. ♥

And a big thank you to the two wonderful younger humans of Aspargove and Rākau Tautoko for sorting our thank-you packs for the speakers in the days to come.


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