• Philippa Holmes

6 Days Out - A whakataukī to ground and guide us

There is so much power and fire in the world right now from our indigenous people; from Ihumātao to Mauna Kea to the many sites of sacred mountains and lands of indigenous people around the world where a stand has been taken.

I did a quick scan today of who our speakers, co-hosts and panelists were, and the majority are amazing brown womxn. The whakataukī we chose to ground us is going to be guided so beautifully through them all.

3 beautiful brown womxn have sat on my heart this week; Aigagalefili Fepulea’i-Tapua’i, this year’s winner of the NZ Storytellers High School competition and Arizona Leger who recently attended the Girls 20 Summit Indigenous Delegate where her goal was to represent Maori and the Pacific at the global table, and lastly Pania Newton the Mana Wahine leading the movement at Ihumātao, all 3 have made waves in mainstream media this week and helped inspire so many.

And while I felt so much fire, pride and connection in my soul from seeing them across various forms of media, it was heartbreaking to see the narratives that people aired, narratives that felt steeped in the patriarchy, colonization and racism.

What I am most looking forward to about the Summit next week is the platform and opportunity we have to weave our own narratives, knowledge and connection, and the spaces we are creating to feed ourselves with all the good stuff!

You can check out Aigagalefili on the Project NZ here:

and Arizona on the AM Show here (patriarchy and colonization trigger warning for the two men either side of Arizona)

Loading Docs have a beautiful documentary of Pania and Ihumātao here:

and her TED talk can be viewed here:


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