• Philippa Holmes

7 days out - Let's start with a round of gratitude and thanks

Today we are seven days out from A. Social Impact Summit 2019. The to-do list is long and the days even longer but I am so excited for the upcoming Summit. As of right now, we have 97 people registered!

I intend to blog over the seven day countdown to the Summit and hopefully over the four days it's on, there’s nothing like putting an intention out there for accountability.

I thought I would kick off the 7-day countdown with some thank-yous, gratitude and acknowledgements.

My first thank-you is to my family, and thank-you feels like it only does a small amount to convey how deeply grateful I am for their support.

By the time I have finished the Summit, I will have worked hundreds of hours and many months on a project I won’t be paid a single hour for.

The people that make it possible for Aspargove to create and deliver projects like this are these three boys. Although they have made me promise it is my last project I work for free.

I am deeply grateful that they have supported me to do this project and thank and acknowledge them for their contribution to the Summit. If "A. Social Impact Summit - 2019" has a number one funder and supporter, it would my partner, Christian Erick and our two sons, Hector and Hugo.

The next part of the family that needs an extra special shout out is my Nana, Mum, Sisters and Brother; they are my village that has supported all the work that has led up to this Summit. Their time and energy make all of this possible.

The next massive thank-you goes to Tara Moala and her company Rākau Tautoko, this project would have been hard to pull off without them.

The partnership and support of Tara, her company Rākau Tautoko and her team (shout out especially to the superstar that is Candace) has meant everything to this Summit. I want to acknowledge not just the financial support Rākau Tautoko has put into the Summit, but the time, passion and commitment that has been given as well. My gratitude for Rākau Tautoko and Tara runs deep.

Rounding out the Co-host team is GO and Flipping East. The beautiful humans in both these teams have partnered and collaborated with us to shape the Summit into what it is, and I am grateful for their commitment, passion and time.

The other Partners who need a shout out and thank you for helping the Summit take place is:

First up, Otago Polytechnic and their Bachelor of Leadership for Change Programme. I am incredibly grateful for not just the financial resource OP has contributed to this Summit but for their support in sending one of the amazing lecturers, Steve Henry, up to Auckland to come present, hang out, hold space and kōrero with those who will be in attendance. The support and feedback the Leadership for Change lecturers and students have provided me over the development of this Summit has been immeasurable.

The Panmure Business Association (PBA) and their Manager Chris Sutton has always supported the work of Aspargove and I am so grateful to have their support and partnership once more with the Summit. PBA has donated 50 $10 vouchers for the Summit, for those who want to purchase kai from the town centre over the four days. PBA is also supplying us with beautiful wood-fired bread loaves from Hesari Bakery each day.

For the last two days of the Summit, we will have an awesome tent to host in. We are grateful to Panuku Development Auckland for providing the tent and their support in the co-design of the Summit.

We have wonderful in-kind support from staff across various teams at Auckland Council over the 4 days. I am grateful for not only the on the ground support but the heart in which they have walked alongside us through the design and development stages.

The Summit wouldn’t be able to be hosted in the community that I live in and have worked from for the last decade, without the Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board contributing to the Summit through the free use of the Panmure Community Hall facilities.

And lastly, I am deeply grateful for the amazing humans who have said yes to sharing their voice and time over the Summit, for which an upcoming post will be dedicated to them.

.......7 days out.


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