• Philippa Holmes

Introducing GO

One of the things I love about the Summit journey is the chance to collaborate with some awesome agencies who have come on board as co-hosts. Ana Taranaki from GO talks to us about what Go is about and why they came on board for this project.

What is your organisation about?

GO has one core value that defines what we are all about - strengthen. We connect with organisations and individuals who are interested in creating real impact that touches the core of society - the family. We work with such organisations and individuals to further develop the way they connect with the community to understand how they can better connect with the families in those communities. We believe that changing the world happens within families.

Why did you want to do this Summit?

We initially saw the summit as a great opportunity to get GO out there, but we quickly understood that our journey into start-up was relevant to the underlying focus of this summit. The journey with GO has been arduous, but we can honestly say it was still worth it. We wanted to draw from our own experiences and opportunities that could be added to the content of the summit. It’s been amazing so far to co-design the event with Aspargove and we know it will be unlike any social impact summit you’ve been to thus far!


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