• Philippa Holmes

Introducing Rākau Tautoko

Another great agency that is involved in the Summit is Rākau Tautoko. They have been a key partner in the design and development of the Summit and we are grateful to be on this project journey with them. The wealth of experience and heart Tara and her team bring to everything they do is just amazing.

Tara Moala talks to us about who they are and why they are involved with this project. To find out more about Rākau Tautoko you can check them out at

What is your organisation about?

Rākau Tautoko works alongside community to build engagement and empowerment. We are an Auckland-based social enterprise undertaking community-related projects, community research and development advice, facilitation and leadership. We are a network of skilled, creative and like-minded practitioners who enjoy working together and take pride in doing high quality community work.

Why did you want to do this summit?

One of the key drivers in our involvement in this summit, is the Youth Wellbeing day on Saturday. We have been working alongside Flipping East and other community groups and initiatives in Tāmaki to grow youth wellbeing. One of the key aspirations that we have, is to bring young people and those that work with young people together, from through out Auckland. We want to share their experiences in building Youth Wellbeing and this Social Impact Summit is going to do exactly that!


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