• Philippa Holmes

Who are we + why are we running a Summit?

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

We have a blog! A big welcome to our first blog post.

A learning edge for Aspargove and some of the awesome groups we collaborate with is Marketing. We do fantastic work, but our Marketing is a bit hit and miss and needs some for the Summit, that support has come in the form of the wonderful Candace from Rākau Tautoko.

Candace asked some questions of Aspargove for our social media Summit post today, and the answers were a little long for a Facebook post, so the suggestion was made to put it into a blog...and since we had no blog, it seemed like a perfect first post.

So, the two questions and the kōrero.

What is your organisation about?

Aspargove stands for "A Space for Good Adventures". We are a social impact-focused company that creates and collaborates in social impact and community-focused events and initiatives. Our roots are very much in community development.

This Summit and much of our future work are focused on creating spaces that build community, connection and conversation around Social Impact.

We want to design and develop spaces and events that allow for people and projects to come together to be inspired, empowered and grow their capacity about "Social Impact", no matter what sector or vehicle they use to help make a positive contribution and change in the world.

We are passionate about creating more Social Impact focused events that enable courageous conversation, building connection and also fun. Our upcoming projects post Summit have a focus on the wellbeing of people working in the Social Impact space and looking at how we resource Social Impact.

Why did you want to do this Summit?

We believe that Social Impact takes place across disciplines and sectors and is less about a job title or project and more about a philosophy, approach and lens. So, we wanted to create and host a Summit that reflected that.

We wanted to create a space where the people and projects doing that work could come together and connect, learn, grow and have a good time. The Summit is as much about learning from the people speaking or material, as it is about learning from the person sitting next to you.

Sometimes it can feel like fun and light is in short supply in this work, and we wanted to make sure we addressed that in how we run the Summit.

We also wanted to design a more accessible Summit. Cost is one of the most significant barriers for attendance to events like these, and we wanted this Summit to be free, so the voices we so miss in Summit and Conference spaces could be present and heard.

We wanted to host a space where courageous conversations can be had.

And lastly, we wanted to host something where we could collaborate with other awesome companies and projects working in this space. It just made sense to have this multi-day event series where we could provide the space to land some other great conversations and work that is already happening.

While the first Summit takes place this year in the Tāmaki community where our roots are, we look forward to growing this Summit and the work around it, and being able to host those in different communities in Aotearoa in the future.


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